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The Dangers Faced by Roadside Workers

Illinois roadway workers are exposed to hazardous workplace conditions that put them at high risk of serious injury and death. There are various occupations that require work near busy roadways and freeways, exposing thousands of workers to serious dangers.

Proving Occupational Diseases in Illinois Workers Compensation Cases

Proving a disease claim under the Illinois Occupational Diseases Act is often difficult because it may be hard to show that the disease was caused by the person’s working environment. Identifying the disease and tracing it back to the person’s job may require a thorough analysis of his or her medical records.

Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied

Workers’ compensation claims can be denied for any number of reasons. The following are among the most common reasons that Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys see when a claim is denied:

Make Sure Your Workers Compensation Claim Goes Smoothly

Workers compensation insurance companies will often look for any possible reason to deny or reduce the compensation an injured worker receives. While injured workers in Illinois are entitled to receive benefits for the damages they have suffered in a work-related injury, a wrong move by the victim can have a significant outcome on a workers compensation claim.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Chicago Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Let Us Help You Find Financial Relief​ Get Help Now Call: (312) 374-6626 for a free, confidential consultation. Practice Areas

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Protecting the Rights of Elderly People and Those With Disabilities Get Help Now No nursing home resident deserves to be

Did a Violent Customer Injure You at Work?

Employees who work in retail and service industries sometimes encounter violent customers who threaten their safety. Customer actions range from angry outbursts of verbal abuse to physical assaults that cause employee injuries.

Dangerous Beauty: The Risks Landscapers Face on the Job

Approximately 13,000 landscapers are injured on the job each year. Individuals working in horticulture and landscaping face a number of risks on the job including slips and falls, electrocution, amputation, hearing loss, and exposure to the elements. Nationwide, there are approximately 900,000 landscape workers.