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Category: Car Accidents

According to national safety studies, new auto safety features and collision avoidance systems have prevented approximately 10,000 fatal car crashes for American motorists. Advanced safety technologies are now used as part of national safety ratings for new automobiles.
Studies show that 38 percent of high school students, 4 out of 10 teens, admit to regularly texting while driving. Texting and driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents for teen drivers, with accident statistics that now rival drunk driving and speeding.
Light-weight pickup trucks, SUVs, and passenger vans have higher rollover rates than other vehicles on the road. Taller vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs, and passenger vans have a higher center of gravity that increases their risks for rollovers and car accident injuries.
High-speed police chases cause serious injuries and deaths to innocent motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists every year. In cities around the country, high-speed police pursuits injure and kill hundreds of innocent people each year.