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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that there are over 15,500 nursing homes in the United States. Many patients in these facilities were placed there by their families, who believed their elderly relatives would receive excellent care. When these families suspect their loved ones are suffering abuse from their caregivers, they are often frustrated and angry.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that over 1.4 million elderly people reside in nursing homes. As such, long-term elderly care is likely an issue that many Illinois families have already confronted at some point. Many of these families prioritize safety and quality of care when selecting a care facility for their elderly relatives.
According to ABC News, nursing home abuse is rampant across the United States. The news report explains that abuse instances were found in 30 percent of elder care facilities. One particularly shocking incident involved a female Illinois nursing home patient.
Anyone who has placed a loved one in an Illinois nursing home or continuing care facility can attest that it is a tremendously difficult decision to make. What makes it easier for many people is relying on the notion that nursing homes are safe, loving residences with high standards of care and proper safety measures in place.
No one wants to think that his or her loved one is receiving anything less than excellent care while in an Illinois nursing home. Unfortunately, a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney knows that even in situations where families feel a loved one is receiving the best care available, abuse may occur.
Many older people in Illinois live in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Working in a nursing home can be physically challenging. The job may include duties such as lifting, transferring and bathing patients. A Chicago workers’ compensation attorney knows that incorrect or excessive lifting can cause disability in nursing home staff.
According to a recent story in the News-Gazette, a recent lawsuit filed in Illinois cited severe negligence as the cause of a resident’s death. The man entered the nursing home to recover from chest pains that had taken him to the hospital the month before. The patient’s wife claimed that his death was directly related to the poor care the nursing home delivered.
When putting a loved one into a Chicago nursing home facility, family members and friends may feel justly concerned about the skills and integrity of facility caregivers. While a patient may enter a nursing home using little to no medication, some friends and relatives are finding that their loved ones are started on new medications during their stay without their prior knowledge or consent.