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Category: Personal Injury

Following safety tips is essential for all skiers, regardless of their skill level. Anyone, including experts, can get injured while skiing. Approximately 600,000 skiing and snowboarding injuries are reported every year. Common injuries sustained include injuries to the head, shoulder, elbow, thumb, and knee.
Research by experts at the Medical University of Vienna reveals that hair dye may be one of the biggest cancer-causing agents in people's everyday lives. The study followed 117,200 women in the US for 36 years. The study found that chemicals from harmful dyes increase the risk of certain cancers.
St. Patrick's Day is one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. Festivities fueled by intoxication land thousands in the emergency room each year. Injuries can result from traffic accidents involving motorists and pedestrians. DUI accidents are on the rise during this boozy holiday, with 269 victims killed in St.
When a landlord is negligent in maintaining or securing a property, tenants can pursue compensation for any injuries suffered as the result of the landlord's negligence. In Illinois, landlords have a duty to their tenants to ensure their properties are properly maintained and any issues such as broken locks, leaking plumbing, etc.