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Residents of nursing homes are often vulnerable and isolated. Many are in an incapacitated state and are unable to speak up against injustices. Sadly, these are the ones who may suffer from neglect or even outright abuse. You may notice odd injuries on your grandmother or your parent but the explanations from staff members seem plausible. How can you know if these are identifying signs of nursing home abuse and neglect?

Warning Signs to Watch For

While some common nursing home injuries are obvious to the casual observer, other signs of nursing home abuse and neglect may be more difficult to identify. Nursing home mistreatment comes in many forms and can span several abuse and neglect types. However, most cases fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Physical or emotional abuse – symptoms include unusual bruising, bone fractures, scratches, social withdrawal, depression and non-responsive behavior, avoidance of physical contact
  • Medical neglect – usually evident in the appearance of bed sores, staff delays in providing medical care, lack of staff concern over a patient’s medical condition and failure to follow through on primary doctor’s instructions
  • Personal hygiene neglect – victims may exude a bad smell, greasy hair, unshaven faces, soiled clothing or bedding, hair that looks as if it hasn’t been brushed, dirty nails and flaky, dry skin
  • Social and psychological neglect – signs include listlessness, depression, changes in personality, non-responsive behavior and anxiousness

Often you may have to rely on a gut feeling that tells you something isn’t right. Don’t be afraid to confront staff with questions involving your loved one’s care. If you suspect that you are not getting the truth, our nursing home abuse attorneys here at Strom & Associates can look deeper into your concerns and then provide you with legal options.

Protect Your Loved One’s Rights

Here at Strom & Associates, our attorneys speak up for victims who can’t. We will file a nursing home liability claim that holds the nursing home financially responsible for the abuse or neglect your loved one has experienced and protect his or her rights to appropriate compensation and treatment. Contact us today at (312) 609-0400 to set up a free consultation.

Nursing Home Testimonials

There is so much to say about Kevin. I trusted him from the very first conversation. He was very empathetic about the injury my mom received while in a nursing home. Kevin came out to the nursing home a couple days after I called him and it was a weekend , that made me feel good knowing he would be accessible when needed. Every time I reached out he responded quickly, even on some questions that were not specific to my mom’s case. After he spoke to my mom he went right to work. My mom had faith that he was the best attorney for her case. I have to say when I found out that he took part in the law that allow families to install cameras in their love ones rooms I was 1000 percent confident in him and he delivered. I am very Pleased with the outcome of my mom’s case and for sure I will be using Kevin again. He is truly the Subject Matter Expert! I recommend Kevin. Again Thanks Kevin for everything.

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