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Chicago Elder Abuse Attorneys

Illinois Nursing Home Liability

Many nursing homes in Illinois fail to provide their patients with the required standard quality of care. Unknown numbers of elderly and incapacitated people have been victims of emotional, mental and physical abuse as well as medical, personal and psychological neglect. Our elder abuse attorneys here at Strom & Associates can pursue a Will County nursing home liability civil action to hold the facility responsible.

Breach of Contract

When a nursing facility takes on the care of your loved one, it accepts legal responsibility for your family member’s well-being. Failure to protect your loved one from common nursing home injuries or other dangers constitutes a breach of contract between you and the facility. Illinois law gives you the right to take legal steps against the facility to recover financial compensation for the damages caused to your loved one. This may involve pain and suffering, costs of additional medical care and punitive damages against the facility and its owner.

Failure To Provide Care

Our nursing home abuse attorneys can assist you in identifying signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. We gather evidence to show that the facility failed to provide care to your loved one, looking for the following:

  • Neglect of personal hygiene, including hair, skin, nails, or toileting activities
  • Unsafe environments that cause falls or other traumatic injuries
  • Failure to provide the right medication or dosage
  • Failure to seek immediate medical attention in emergency situations
  • Insufficient staffing or insufficient training of staff
  • Documentation showing bed sores, bruises and other injuries inflicted through abuse

Even if no obvious abuse is present, you may still be able to hold the nursing facility liable if it did not fulfill its duty to use due care. This may include the mishandling of your loved one, which resulted in a broken bone, or enforced social isolation that led to depression.

Defend Your Loved One’s Interests

Navigating the nursing home system can be difficult and complex. If your loved one’s facility has committed acts of negligence or abuse, contact Strom & Associates at (312) 609-0400 for a free consultation today.

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