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Chicago Work Related Car Accident Attorney

Illinois Work Related Injury Lawyer

We live in a mobile society and therefore it is not uncommon for people to run errands on behalf of their employer or travel by car to attend meetings. This puts employees at risk of getting into Berwyn work-related car accidents. If you have been in an auto accident while performing some type of service for your boss, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation.

Under Illinois law, workers’ compensation is designed to cover your medical expenses and two-thirds of your salary. Eligibility for benefits is not contingent on whether the work injury was your fault. Rather it provides you with a financial buffer and can lessen the impact an unexpected injury can cause.

Additional Settlements

When an accident is caused by the negligence or carelessness of another driver, our injury attorneys here at Strom & Associates may be able to obtain a settlement from that driver’s insurance company, in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. If your employer failed to carry insurance to cover your injuries, we may also be able to file an underinsured motorist claim against your employer’s car insurance policy. This can help cover your damages, such as pain and suffering, time away from work, and any lost quality of life.

In some cases, another driver is not the party at fault. Defective automobile parts continue to be a source of injuries and fatalities on the roadways. A faulty ignition switch in some General Motors cars can shut off the engine, electrical system and disable the air bag system. The resulting crashes and deaths from this defect have led the manufacturer to recall nearly 1.4 million vehicles.

Seeking Maximum Benefits

Benefits from a workers’ compensation claim begin three days after a work-related injury, and these may be critical in sustaining you during your recovery period. Third party action suits typically take much longer to resolve and if a settlement is awarded, you may be required to reimburse your employer for benefits received in connection with the car accident.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Strom & Associates advocate on your behalf to uncover every responsible party and maximize the amount you receive. In addition to work-related car accidents, we also assist clients with repetitive stress injuries, injuries requiring surgery, common workplace injuries, construction accidents, lifting injuries and occupational illness or disease. Contact us at (312) 609-0400 for a free consultation to discuss your case today.

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