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How Do I Get Paid If I’m Injured and Can’t Work?

Posted On February 02, 2022

Temporary Total Disability benefits, also referred to as “TTD,” are considered
“lost time” benefits when an employee suffers a work-related injury. An injured
employee is entitled to TTD pursuant to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, as long
as the treating medical provider indicates that the injured worker is unable to work due
to the accident or if the employer cannot accommodate light duty restrictions per the
doctors’ orders. TTD benefits are distributed by the workers’ compensation insurance

TTD benefits are calculated based upon the employee’s average weekly wage
using up to 52 weeks prior to the date of accident. TTD benefits are paid at 66 2/3% of
the employee’s average weekly wage. If the employee has worked less than 52 weeks,
then we simply use what is available.

TTD benefits are typically issued after the injured worker has been off of work for
14 days as a result of the work-related injury and per doctors’ orders. TTD payments
are not considered as taxable income and are not subject to federal and state taxes.

If the employer terminates payment of TTD benefits before the employee is
returned to full duty work by a doctor, there must be a valid basis to do so. Typically,
insurance companies will send an injured worker for an independent medical exam
(“IME”) with an expert of their choosing. Often times the IME doctor will say that the
injured worker may return to work despite the treating doctor’s recommendations. If you
are unsure as to whether you are receiving benefits in the correct amount, or if your
TTD has been terminated, you should think about hiring an attorney. The attorneys at
Strom Yen Injury Attorneys are ready to answer all your TTD-related questions. Call
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