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The wrongful death settlement in Illinois is not distributed equally to each person who is eligible to receive compensation under the law. The court will decide how the settlement monies will be split up at a separate hearing. For each person who is eligible to receive compensation in wrongful death litigation, the court will attempt to estimate their reliance on the deceased and will then attempt to split the settlement funds proportionately.
Repetitive strain injuries are the outcome of easy actions that are performed frequently, every day, for a long time. The cumulative consequences of repeated activity can significantly negatively impact an employee's health and capacity to perform their job, even when the movement is not difficult or physically taxing. 
Following a construction accident, you may want to file a workers' compensation claim or a civil suit, depending on the nature of your case. If a case isn't complex and involves a straightforward process, you may not need help with navigating claims, but these cases often come with a lot of hassle and require specific steps. If you're unfamiliar with the process of filing claims or lawsuits, you may be unclear about what to do and how to secure the compensation you deserve.
If you have been injured in a car accident, it's important to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer before you accept a settlement offer. Your lawyer will calculate your economic and non-economic damages to determine the approximate value of your case. Your car accident attorney will take into account all of your medical expenses, lost income, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering to estimate what a fair settlement will be.