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Chicago Occupational Illness

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a Chicago occupational illness occurs when an employee’s sickness is directly related to his or her employment. While it is not as commonly discussed as lifting injuries, work-related car accidents, construction accidents, injuries requiring surgery, repetitive stress injuries or other common workplace injuries, occupational illness can have severe, lifelong consequences.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that around 300,000 Americans have to miss at least one day of work every year due to illnesses received or exacerbated in the workplace. Some conditions, like cancer or asbestos-related diseases, can leave people permanently disabled. At Strom Yen Injury Attorneys, we help people, who struggle with these types of work-related injuries, seek workers’ compensation benefits.

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Determining Eligibility

Illinois offers assistance to people who develop a work-related illness or disease. This assistance includes compensation for past and future lost wages as well as medical expenses. In order to gain eligibility, however, you must first prove that your illness was directly connected to your employment.

OSHA has compiled a list identifying over 150 occupational illnesses that occur in American workplaces. This list includes the following:

Respiratory conditions and interstitial lung diseases like asbestosis and pneumoconiosis

Skin diseases

Occupation infection

Poisoning through harmful metal and chemical exposure

Hearing loss

Heat stroke and other environmental illnesses

Our injury lawyers will assist you in gathering information that ties your illness or disease to your job. We search for evidence that your employer failed to follow federal occupational health and safety guidelines, scientific proof that exposure to a chemical or hazardous substance causes the type of illness you have, and records that show your employer used the substance which caused your condition.

Aggressive Representation

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