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Pedestrian Detectors Coming Soon [infographic]

Posted On December 07, 2018

Pedestrian detectors, designed to prevent injury and fatality accidents, are making their way onto the market. A cellular-based accident prevention system provides real-time alerts of impending collisions to vehicles and pedestrians through Android and iOS-based mobile phones.

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Pedestrian Detectors

Advanced Automotive Vision Systems

A new accident detection system called Eye-Net offers pedestrians and drivers a way to prevent accidents before they happen. A series of successful demonstrations have shown that the Eye-Net V2X system can prevent auto-related accidents by sending cellular alerts to all people with Android smartphones and iOS systems including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The Eye-Net automotive vision system is designed to identify an oncoming collision before drivers and pedestrians are able to see each other. It sends out a pre-collision alert that warns the parties to stop in a safe and timely manner to avoid harm. Although new advanced driver assistance systems offer some protection against accidents, the Eye-Net system provides an extra layer of protection.

Over the last six months, there have been more than 15 successful safety demonstrations of the Eye-Net system. The demonstrations showcased the early detection and collision prevention capabilities for vehicles with no direct eye contact moving towards each other at a 90-degree angle. In addition, the system showed the prevention of a collision between a moving vehicle and a pedestrian who unexpectedly jumped out in front of the vehicle. In all demonstrations, drivers and pedestrians were successfully alerted in time to prevent accidents and injuries.

Foresight Autonomous Holding Ltd., an innovator in advanced automotive vision systems, estimates that the development of the Eye-Net system will be completed in 2018. The system will be tested in dozens of vehicles to prove the accuracy of the accident prevention system in real-time scenarios. By using cellular-based technology, the company plans to make the Eye-Net vision system available to every driver, pedestrian, and cyclist with a smartphone or iPhone. The advanced technology will eliminate the need for hardware, downloaded apps, and long regulatory processes.

In large cities like Chicago with thousands of pedestrians and vehicles on the streets each day, pedestrian injuries are high. Over the last five years, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has reported a significant rise each year in pedestrian deaths caused by vehicle collisions. Foresight says its Eye-Net automotive vision system will reduce or prevent pedestrian and vehicle-related accidents in busy urban environments where pedestrian injuries and fatalities occur frequently.

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