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Biden’s Job Plan: Is New Funding for Home Health Care on the Horizon?

Posted On July 19, 2021

Under President Biden’s new jobs plan, increased spending for home healthcare is proposed for elderly adults and people with disabilities.

Home Health Care Gets a Boost in Funding

As baby boomers reach old age in record numbers, the American healthcare system faces significant challenges with healthcare for seniors in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, as well as seniors who prefer to age in place while remaining in their homes. To address the problems of aging, President Biden’s American Jobs Plan proposes to spend about $400 billion over 8 years on home-based and community-based care for elderly Americans and Americans with disabilities.

President Biden’s Jobs Plan should give home-based healthcare a much-needed boost in funding over the next 8 years. As one of the last provisions added to the plan, the proposed budget for home-based healthcare has support from Democrats, White House officials, organizations on aging, home healthcare agencies, and over 1 million caretakers across the country.

The decline of health and mobility is a common problem among aging Americans over the age of 65. While many end up in nursing homes, assisted living homes, and long-term care facilities, over 90 percent of seniors say they prefer to age in place in the comfort of their own homes. However, funding through Medicare and Medicaid programs is not always available. Nursing home abuse lawyers see many elderly adults who don’t receive proper healthcare because Medicare or Medicaid will not cover the costs.

In America, most home-based healthcare services are covered by State-based Medicaid programs. Although Medicare does cover it in some cases, federal restrictions make Medicare funding for home care more difficult for many elderly adults. Under State Medicaid waivers, elderly adults and adults with disabilities can qualify for assistance with adult day care services, home health aide services, personal homemaker services, and respite care for in-home caregivers.

According to the National Institute on Aging, most elderly adults want to stay in their homes as they age, but they have concerns about home safety, daily tasks and activities, and getting around, especially if they have mobility problems or physical disabilities. Nursing home abuse lawyers commonly seen injuries in nursing homes and private home settings caused by falls, lack of proper nutrition and dehydration, and unsanitary conditions. Under President Biden’s Jobs Plan, millions of elderly Americans who want to age in place at home may get the help they need to do just that.

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