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Dog Parks: Dangers for People and Pets

Posted On June 23, 2017

Dog parks provide a good place for exercise and socialization for dogs, but they also create the potential for serious injuries to dogs and their owners. The chaotic environment often found in dog parks can encourage dog-to-dog aggression that leads to dog fights.

Dangers of Enclosed Dog Parks

Enclosed dog parks are fully fenced parks where owners can bring their dogs to play with other off-leash dogs. Commonly found in Chicago areas, dog parks are usually free, and they provide a good place for dogs to get exercise and socialize with other dogs. However, dog parks are not for everyone. For some dogs, they can encourage aggressive behavior that leads to dog bites and serious injuries. When a dog becomes aggressive, other dogs and people have a much greater risk of getting bitten or attacked. A Chicago personal injury lawyer often sees people who have been viciously attacked and mauled by an unprovoked, off-leash dog.

The most dangerous aspects of an enclosed park include:

  • Dog fights that lead to animal injuries
  • Dog fights that lead to human injuries
  • Fatal injuries to small dogs caused by large dogs
  • Injuries to small children

If a dog has shown past aggression with other dogs, an enclosed dog park may trigger aggressive behavior that quickly escalates to a serious dog fight. Dog owners should avoid bringing dogs with aggressive behavioral tendencies to enclosed dog parks.

Young children, under age 10, should not be brought to a dog park, even with adult supervision. They can inadvertently cause a dog attack by exhibiting prey-like behaviors of making a lot of noise and running around. Because of their size and fast movements, small children often become victims of dog attacks seen by a personal injury lawyer.

Chicago Leash Laws

For the safety of people and pets, dog owners must obey Chicago leash laws. Regulations for animal care and control state that dog owners must keep their dogs restrained by using a lead or leash when they are outside of their property perimeter.

Chicago has strict leash laws that require dogs to be leashed at all times in public areas. However, there are special dog-friendly areas and enclosed dog parks that allow animals to be off-leash. All dog owners who visit these off-leash areas are required to have a tag and a permit for each off-leash animal. Dog owners can obtain permits through numerous Chicago veterinarians for a fee of $5 per animal.

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