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Case Results

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

$5 million

An aggregate of over $5 million recovered for spinal injury victims


$2,017,109 expected payout for a 41-year-old construction worker


$1,895,073 expected payout for an auto scrap yard worker


$1,100,000 recovery for daughter who lost father in a motor-vehicle collision and passenger who suffered facial injuries


$1,092,000 expected payout plus medical fund for a 38-year-old construction worker, home improvements


$958,407 expected payout for a CTA bus driver


$867,464 expected payout for a 52-year-old electrical engineer loss of trade


$844,636 expected payout for a 43-year-old car mechanic


$600,000 settlement on behalf of an injured millwright who fell down exterior staircase requiring spine and shoulder surgery

$300,000 + $200,000

$300,000 + $200,000 for a 29-year-old deliveryman with a back injury – Medical fund set for future care


$450,000 lump sum settlement for a 58-year-old iron worker


$400,000 settlement with annuity payable thru lifetime for a 45-year-old mechanic


$300,000 lump sum settlement for a 50-year-old mover


$300,000 lump sum settlement and medical fund for a 48-year-old maintenance worker


$300,000 lump sum settlement for a 43-year-old construction worker with thumb injury


$300,000 lump sum settlement plus medical fund for a 50-year-old gate agent for an airline


$300,000 lump sum settlement for a 52-year-old construction worker


$265,000 lump sum settlement and medical fund for a 56-year-old gate agent for an airline


$250,000 settlement for a truck driver struck in the rear by another truck driver requiring spine surgery


$250,000 for a laborer with hand injury


$240,000 settlement for truck driver who suffered facial fractures after being struck in the rear by another truck driver


$240,000 for a male who underwent a spinal fusion as a result of his work-related injury. He sustained permanent restrictions and was unable to return to his prior position with the employer


$225,000 settlement on behalf of driver injured in a 3-car accident


$220,000 recovery for driver sustaining a spinal cord injury


$205,000 settlement for IDOT worker who injured shoulder and neck when his lift basket broke free


$205,000 (partial award) with the right to apply for additional compensation and job retraining for a union worker – trial awarded present and future compensation along with past due compensation; awarded penalties for bad conduct on the part of the company


$150,000 for a CTA bus driver – emotional distress


$140,000 settlement for a pedestrian who suffered an arm fracture after being hit by a car


$135,000 for a factory worker with hand injury


$125,000 for a nursery school teacher, operated shoulder


$117,000 for a male who underwent a spinal fusion with a good result and was able to return to work without restrictions


$100,000 for a school teacher with a head injury

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