Strom Yen Injury Attorneys Testimonials

Here is just a small sample of what our clients have had to say about Strom Yen Injury Attorneys

Patricia C. (Nursing Home Abuse Client)

There is so much to say about Kevin. I trusted him from the very first conversation. He was very empathetic about the injury my mom received while in a nursing home. Kevin came out to the nursing home a couple of days after I called him, and it was a weekend, that made me feel good knowing he would be accessible when needed. Every time I reached out, he responded quickly, even on some questions that were not specific to my mom’s case. After he spoke to my mom, he went right to work. My mom had faith that he was the best attorney for her case. I have to say when I found out that he took part in the law that allow families to install cameras in their loved ones’ rooms I was 1000 percent confident in him, and he delivered. I am very pleased with the outcome of my mom’s case, and for sure I will be using Kevin again. He is truly the Subject Matter Expert! I recommend Kevin. Again, Thanks Kevin for everything.

Jeffrey Pearson

I was injured at work. I had never been injured before and was very confused on how to deal with all the confusion related to a worker’s compensation case. After contacting Attorney Lindsey Strom and speaking to her, in depth and extensively about my case, I was at ease knowing that everything was in good hands. Attorney Lindsey Strom did complete handling my case with more attention and professionalism than I ever imagined possible. I was so surprised how well she is known in the business and the respect and attention she receives from the Doctors, nurses, all the medical professionals and the legal professionals involved in a case like this, and there are many. Attorney Lindsey Strom is an amazing lawyer and not only that but an amazing person who sincerely cares about her clients. Whenever I mentioned Lindsey’s name to the person I was speaking with at the time, they knew her and always had great respect and opinions for her. Statements like; “Isn’t Lindsey an amazing person.” Or “How much more helpful could a person be than Lindsey” Or “Lindsey seems like she’s many different people the way she gets so much done for her clients” One of the funniest statements said to me was “How would you like to be on the other side of that?” No, I would not! I am so happy and feel so fortunate to have found Attorney Linsey Strom that when I was recently injured again, I did not hesitate to contact Lindsey before anyone else to get her advice and assistance from the start. Which is very important to do because of all the confusion, manipulation, inappropriate and inaccurate information, requirements and activities others may tell you that you have to do. All which may be wrong, and Attorney Lindsey Strom will set you and them straight on the correct path to being treated and having your case handled with the best care and attention you can possibly receive.

Angela Grimes

Extremely professional AND sensitive to my needs. All of my zillion questions were answered in a timely manner. Kevin had my best interest at heart every time we spoke. I wasn’t rushed, nor pressured into anything. I truly recommend this firm, a team of excellence, to anyone in need!

Tama Doby

I had the unfortunate experience of being injured at work. The process was completely an unfamiliar situation for me. Most people are untrusting of attorneys. Often, not being sure if the attorney will represent them in a fair and confident manner. I was one of those people. But from the moment that I spoke with Lindsey and Marlyn, I knew I was in good hands. I was reassured by Marlyn that Lindsey would do everything that she could to win my case, and Lindsey did not disappoint me. Lindsey had to fight my case in arbitration, and I was more than impressed with how she approached the case for the win. I could tell that her experience and expertise in worker’s compensation cases is top-notch. I was pleased to find out that Strom and Associates handles various legal matters and without question would hire them should the need arise in the future. Thank you, Lindsey and Marlyn for your professionalism and care. I am definitely a member of the Strom family!

Juan DeLeon

I can’t say enough, they made a very stressful situation so much easier. Lindsey worked my case and was amazing! She handled all obstacles in a timely manner, she kept me informed and made sure that I received all the care that I was due. I highly recommend Strom and Associates!

Maximo Cantu

This is the second time I use Neal as my attorney, and he has done a fabulous job, thank you

Fabiola Caudillo

Lindsey Strom handled my father’s case he had an accident at work but unfortunately my father passed away later on due to other health issues and Lindsey contacted me, so I took over my father’s case, and today I can say that I am very thankful for everything her and her team did she helped me a lot she guided me through everything step by step and kept me updated the whole time. She always answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel very comfortable, she was really nice and friendly.

You’re the best, I couldn’t have done it without you. I just wish my father could be here to see everything is finally over, and he won his case.

Thank you so much, Lindsey,


Robin Cabral

My husband was seriously injured at work; the most important decision I made was to hire Strom Yen Injury Attorneys. I interviewed three different firms and by far Strom Yen Injury Attorneys were the clear choice. Neal Strom was kind enough to come to the hospital because my husband was still recovering from surgery; and let me say that the other two firms I interviewed DID NOT offer to do this. Neal explained our options and made my husband feel that everything was going to be okay. You can’t put a price on compassion from one human being to another and I knew that going forward no matter what happened we were going to be okay. Neal and the team at Strom Yen Injury Attorneys will fight for your loved one.

Christopher C.

Lindsey is a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile for her clients. As a physician that often treats patients involved in auto accidents and work related injuries. It makes a big difference when a lawyer stands up to the insurance companies and fights for what there clients deserve. When I have a patient walk through my door and I find out that they are represented by Strom Yen Injury Attorneys our medical teams knows they are in great legal hands.I highly recommend them.

Alicia P.

Ms. Lindsey handled my case in the most professional manner. The staff was pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend their services.

Hal Teasley

Just wanted you to know that I think you did a masterful job of speaking to MedVoc. There are not many people who can get an organization to change it’s approach without accussing them of messing up. To talk with them about the consequences of making innacurate assumptions as well puts their job in a perspective that will make them more aware of how their work products are used by cook county. Thank you very much.

Alissa C.

In the last week-I retained Strom and Associates services for a workman’s comp case. The level of professionalism and service that I’ve been given has been above and beyond my expectations. Neal Strom and Ami Becker have truly dedicated their selves to making sure that my every need was met and every bill was taken care of. Throughout this process, they have continually checked in with me to make sure I was physically comfortable and to assure me that we were constantly moving forward towards our settlement. I am in the best physical shape and completely pain free, for the first time since my accident, thanks to their endless efforts and dedication. They , also, were instrumental in starting me in my new career. The settlement was beyond what we expected, but that wasn’t the best part- the best part is that I am pain free and had the pleasure of working with a staff of incredible people to get there! I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for me and the incredible service that was provided! I would recommend them to EVERYONE and anyone- and if ever needed, would use them over and over again.

Donald & Robin

Hope your weekend was relaxing. Donald and I wanted to take the time to say thank-you for the great job you did for us on Friday. We weren’t sure what to expect, but you put us both at ease and it proved to be an insightful learning experience. I believe there are times that we are so busy with our day to day responsibilities and often forget to remember the simple words of appreciation. Friday reminded me that we have a terrific lawyer in our corner and that has taken some of the load off.

Much Thanks & Appreciation,


It is with sincere gratitude I write this note. It’s not often when one is in need that one finds a person like you willing to help.

Words cannot express the gratitude, love and respect I hold dear in my heart for you and your staff. You’ve been a positive inspiration in my life from inception. I thank you and pray gods continued blessing upon you.

When no one else was willing to listen, “you listen”, you then took charge of my case which took a burden of financial stress off my family and put us back on our feet. When I was discouraged, you spoke softly, kind and encouraging to me, it was those times you lifted my spirit beyond imagination.

It’s with tears of gratitude I write this note of thanks. The money you got for me, will be invested wisely and I promise you my family will never be wanting for many generations to come.
Again, Neal, Ami, Jane and the others behind the scenes I thank you immensely.


Raphael Esparza

You are our savior. We can never thank you enough for what you did for our family.

Bo Wazydrag

The lawyers have been very professional and very good to work with. [Neal] was there for me right from the start to guide me through the process. [Neal] answered all my questions the whole way through so that I was prepared for what I had to do.

Mrs. J

When we visited Neal Strom, we had no idea of the legal possibilities. He creatively found ways to solve a difficult case for us.

Mr. B

We are grateful to Mr. Strom for solving this difficult case. The money changed our lives and we took our first vacation as a family in 10 years.

Margarito T.

Lindsey Strom handled my case and I can say that I am absolutely satisfied with her hard work and dedication to my case. She addressed my concerns and answered all my questions in a timely, professional manner. I was never treated like a number! Thank you so much Lindsey,


Colleen T.

I have worked with Lindsey Strom and highly recommend her. [She’s a] professional, smart, and hardworking attorney that I would refer to my friends and family.

Lyn Stua

Whew…. Took me way too long to get to this point of actually writing a much deserved review on Yelp! That should say something in itself. If I went to all this trouble to write a review, trust me this firm is worth calling (this being #2, since my 1st review went to some yahoo thing.Let’s get to it! I hired Strom & Associates to help me with not only a workman’s comp claim for carpal tunnel, but also to review my termination from my last company. Basically, I emailed my severance contract to them, Neal scribbled some good stuff and then we began working on the real stuff. Oh, and no charge for the severance contract!!!

I have never dealt with a professional firm that kept you in the loop, called unsolicited with a solid status of the claim, and everyone in their office (didn’t speak with the cleaning crew, but I’m sure if I had….) is extremely courteous and professional. If you did call the office, your call was returned the same day by your lawyer!!! In my case, Lindsey Strom. If you want someone working for you, communicating to you and on your behalf and with a sense of urgency, sincerity and competency, then you want Lindsey Strom.

P.s. I would have taken Neal too, but Lindsey is easy to relate!

So Yelp people – if you need representation, I whole-heartedly recommend Lindsey Strom, Neal Strom & their firm.


Samuel B.

Hello, my name is Samuel B. I had accident on my job about seventeen months ago. Because I did not go about it in the right way I was denied benefits from workers compensation, so I decided to go to Strom & Associates to handle my case. That is exactly what they did right from the start to the finish. When I first met Mr. Strom, he told [me] to worry about nothing let him take care of it, and that’s what he did. [He] and associates (this includes Pattie who stayed in touch with me on a regular basis) informed me well in advance of the court date, and whether I had to attend or not, so now I have come to the end of this case, and I received a nice settlement from worker’s comp. [due] to the hard work of Strom &Associates. I would like to thank your company for a job well done. If you notice, I said end of the case not the relationship that we developed between us. If I have any problems or know of someone who can use some help with their problem who can they call, you know it – call S&A.

Earl H.

From the first day I walked in their offices, Neal and Lindsey made me feel like everything was going to be ok. They were very patient, explanatory and always answered or returned my calls promptly. Not to mention they handled my case very thoroughly.

Monica S.

I work for a well known mass transit company in Chicago and got hurt on the job and was unable to perform my duties. My company is notorious for their less than stellar methods when it comes to dealing with their employees, especially when the company is at fault. I retained Strom & Associates at the suggestion of my doctor and was very satisfied with their work. They fought diligently on my behalf and thwarted the several attempts my company made to escape compensating me for my injury. They were also friendly, answered all of my questions and always got back to me in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again and recommend [them] to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

Michael A.

I was involved in a pretty messed up auto accident about two years ago and I needed legal guidance. A friend of my father recommended Strom and Associates as being a solid group, and he was right. Kevin Yen was our attorney and he was excellent. He helped us each step of the way and was always available for questions whether it was by phone or email. Kevin and his team were responsive and timely to all requests made and they really made you feel comfortable in their actions. Switching gears, this next part might not seem important, but let me tell you it is. My father is an old-school Chicago guy and, by nature, a difficult man to deal with. He put Kevin through the paces each and every time we interacted. I have to admit I don’t know how Kevin managed it, but he always kept his cool, stayed professional, and worked with us to make it right. I recommend anyone who needs solid legal representation to seek Kevin at Strom & Associates. Kevin is a solid performer who talks straight and keeps it in real terms.


Junies Heyward

I was very impressed with the diligence and professionalism that Lindsey showed. She was very patient with me as this was my first time dealing with a lawyer. She contacted me on a weekly basis, keeping me up to date on the status of my case. I can’t say enough how impressed I was with the performance of her and her staff. Anybody looking for a hard working, knowledgeable and professional lawyer…….Lindsay is who you need to talk to.


I don’t think I’ve ever met professionals that took the time to understand me, my issue and work diligently to resolve [my issue] in a matter that is best for me!!! [This is a] great firm and I recommend it to anyone looking to have a perfect outcome. Their staff is extremely courteous no matter when you call. Calls are answered immediately by the attorney (in my case Lindsey), something I’m not used to in dealing with lawyers. Thanks for the help and great attention.

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