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April Fools Day Isn’t the Only Time People Do Dangerous Things

Posted On February 06, 2019

April Fools Day isn’t the only time dangerous stunts and pranks cause people to be hurt or killed. Each year, reckless behaviors and dangerous challenges that are meant to draw attention or create laughter injure or kill thousands of people.

Dangerous Stunts Mame and Kill

The internet and various social media sites are full of dangerous stunts and pranks that went wrong. Thousands of people are seriously injured or killed while performing stunts, pranks, and challenges that are meant to be amusing. With so many serious injuries occurring, YouTube recently banned dangerous pranks and challenges from their popular US-based website. YouTube cited dangerous challenges including the “Tide Pod Challenge” where people eat laundry detergent packets on camera, the “Fire Challenge” where people are doused in flammable liquid and set on fire, and the “Bird Box Challenge” inspired by the recent movie where users blindfold themselves and perform everyday tasks. YouTube also banned pranks that may cause emotional distress to children.

Due to impulsive and unpredictable behavior, teenagers are especially vulnerable to dangerous stunts and challenges. Dangerous teenage stunts include:

  • Kylie Lip Challenge – Teens pull their lips inside a shot glass and suck out the air to plump their lips. The stunt often results in broken blood vessels, cuts that require stitches, and mouth infections.
  • Duct Tape Challenge – Teens duct tape a friend’s arms to a pole, then the friend tries to break free. Recently, this challenge resulted in a crushed eye socket and a brain aneurysm for one teen who fell hitting his head on concrete.
  • The Choking Game – Teens choke each other until one faints due to lack of oxygen to the brain. This dangerous stunt has caused so many deaths that Lifetime released a movie about it to boost awareness.
  • Cinnamon Challenge – Teens swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking any water. This dangerous challenge often results in choking, respiratory distress, collapsed or damaged lungs, and death.
  • Snorting Challenge – Teens challenge each other to snort items such as strings, balloons, and condoms into their nose, then pull the objects out of their mouth. There are numerous reports of injuries, choking, and death.
  • Surfing Challenge – In this challenge, common sense goes out of the window as a teen “surfs” on the hood, roof, or bumper of a moving car. This dangerous game has resulted in car accidents, severe injuries, and multiple deaths.
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