Personal Injury Case Studies

Neal Strom vigorously fights for the rights of those injured through the negligence of others! If you are injured as a result of negligence you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

J.P. vs. Rederer

J.P. was killed in a motor vehicle accident caused by the defendant. Our firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his daughter against the defendant for causing the motor vehicle collision.

Challenge: Immediately we were faced with the challenge of finding enough insurance coverage from the defendant to compensate the daughter of J.P. for the loss of her father. At first, it appeared that there was only $100,000 in insurance coverage.

Solution: During the litigation of the lawsuit our firm obtained a court order which allowed us to obtain all applicable insurance policies.

Outcome: Through our efforts and investigation, we discovered an umbrella policy held by the defendant which carried a policy for $1 million in addition to the $100,000.

Mrs. K vs. State Farm Automobile Insurance Company

Mrs. K was a passenger of a vehicle being driven by her husband. While they were driving, another vehicle collided with their vehicle causing Mrs. K to suffer injuries to her spine and her knee.

Challenge: Unfortunately, the driver of the other vehicle did not carry any automobile insurance. We had to find insurance coverage to compensate Mrs. K for her injuries and her income lost from work.

Solution: We were able to locate a State Farm policy insuring Mrs. K’s vehicle which included uninsured motorist coverage. That coverage provides compensation for injuries sustained by the driver and passengers of that vehicle insured by State Farm where the other vehicle who caused the accident did not have automobile insurance.

Outcome: The matter was submitted to binding arbitration. As a result of the hearing, we were able to obtain monetary compensation for Mrs. K’s injuries.

Mrs. G vs. Powers

Ms. G was a live-in healthcare provider hired by the defendant. While taking out the garbage, Ms. G lost her footing and badly injured her ankles and wrists. The walkway she was using sloped at a 45-degree angle.

Challenge: Since Ms. G had used that walkway many times prior to her injury without a problem, it was difficult to establish that the slope in the walkway was a dangerous condition.

Solution: After doing a thorough background check on the property and issuing numerous subpoenas, we discovered that a concrete contractor had previously performed an estimate to correct the slope in the walkway. This estimate was done at the request of the defendant’s daughter, but the actual work to correct the slope was never performed.

Outcome: We were able to establish that the defendant has some knowledge and was under the belief that the slope in the walkway posed a dangerous condition. The contractor surprisingly remembered performing the estimate. We took the lawsuit to trial before a mediator and obtained an award in favor of our client.

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