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Chicago Construction Accident Attorneys

Illinois Work Injury Lawyer

Every year people are seriously injured or killed in Chicago construction accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 20 percent of all U.S. workplace fatalities in 2013 occurred on construction jobsites, despite strict federal and state safety regulations.

Illinois construction companies are required to have strict policies in place for the protection of their workers. These policies should address the handling and maintenance of equipment, safety instructions for workers, and the establishment of supervisor inspections to ensure policy enforcement. If you have been injured, the Illinois workers’ compensation program can provide monetary assistance to help you with lost wages and medical care.

Documenting Your Claim

To strengthen your claim for workers’ compensation, there are several things that you can do on your end before you meet with our work injury attorneys here at Strom & Associates. These include the following:

  • Give a report of the injury to the employer or site manager
  • Keep a complete record of each person notified and the date
  • Obtain names and contact information of witnesses
  • Photograph injuries, the area of the site and any equipment involved in the injury
  • Contact investigating authorities

This information can help us in the event that your employer tries to claim you failed to report the injury or files a motion to dismiss your claim.

Determining Who Is Responsible

Regardless of whether the accident occurred on residential, commercial or industrial property, there are often several parties involved. These parties may involve the property owner, contractor, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, equipment supplier, engineers and insurance companies. If you were in a work-related car accident, or you have an occupational illness or disease, identifying the responsible party or parties can become even more complicated.

Our Illinois injury attorneys at Strom & Associates can help you determine who should be held financially responsible for your suffering. We know that dealing with lifting injuries, repetitive stress injuries, brain injury, injuries requiring surgery, broken bones and other common workplace injuries can be stressful, so while you focus on healing, we take on the responsibility of pursuing your claim against all responsible parties.

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