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Worker’s Compensation & Personal Injury Relevant Links

Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission (www.iwcc.il.gov) – Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system of benefits paid by employers to workers who experience job-related injuries or diseases. The Commission operates the state court system for workers’ compensation cases. A case is first tried by an arbitrator, whose decision may be reviewed by a panel of three commissioners.

Illinois Worker’s Compensation Service Center (www.workerscompensation.com/illinois) – Providing workers’ comp information, news, facts, and contact information for employees, employers, insurers, and medical providers. Find rules, statutes, forms, and professional help relating to workplace injuries and disabilities in the state of Illinois.

Illinois Worker’s Compensation Law (http://www.iwcc.il.gov) – Used by Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys, employers, arbitrators, vocational experts, medical experts and Illinois injured workers. Features: Illinois workers’ compensation case summaries, Illinois workers’ compensation statutes, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Rules, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, Illinois Occupational Disease Act, Illinois workers’ compensation legal tips, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission call sheets, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission calendar, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission forms, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission handbook, Illinois workers’ compensation articles, search Illinois workers’ compensation statutes, search Illinois workers’ compensation opinions, search Illinois workers’ compensation case summaries.

Injured Workers’ Pharmacy (www.iwpharmacy.com)- IWP is a national pharmacy service working on behalf of injured individuals. As an advocate for those who have been injured, IWP takes the financial burden out of the medication process by shipping medications directly to the patient and collecting payment from the insurance company.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) – The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (www.aapmr.org) – As the premier medical society for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, AAPM&R is the only organization exclusively serving the needs of practicing PM&R physicians. With more than 7,500 members, the Academy represents more than 87 percent of US physiatrists and international colleagues from 37 countries.

Hispanic Workers: Higher Death Rates – This article hits on the pressing issue of a high number of Hispanic workers being injured on the job. The hispanic community is at greater risk for personal injury on the job and Strom & Associates aims to protect these workers.

Repetitive Strain Injury – The term repetitive strain injury (RSI) is generally used to describe a painful condition associated with doing a particular activity repeatedly or for long periods of time. RSI is often caused by typing or repetitive manual work, for example using vibrating machinery in a factory.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Resource Center – Since 1971, our goal has been simple: Make America’s legal system accessible to everyone. In keeping with that goal, Nolo offers different levels of help to fit different consumers’ needs. Learn more about Personal Injury and find Strom & Associates in the trusted Chicago workers compensation lawyers directory.

Understanding A Personal Injury Claim – Personal injuries are inevitable, whether it is by accident or intentional ultimately we suffer! According to the law, personal injury refers to the physical injury or damage a person suffers due to someone else’s negligence. Negligence by law – is defined as the failure of a person to act with reasonable care and prudence required of him under certain circumstances. Any type of bodily injury as a result of an attack, or accident can also be categorized as the same, and a person can file a lawsuit to recover damages from whosoever is responsible for your injuries.

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