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Strom & Associates Helps CTA Worker Secure Medical Care and Overtime Pay Consideration After Being Wrongfully Denied

CHICAGO – Thomas Murray hurt his lower back while on duty with the Chicago Transit Authority. Strom & Associates was retained to dispute the wrongful denial of Murray’s workers’ compensation benefits.

“It was a real mess for him,” says Neal Strom. “Murray’s overtime pay was not figured into his workers compensation rate, nor was his medical care approved by workers’ compensation insurance.”

Strom filed a petition to secure immediate payment of Murray’s correct compensation amount including his overtime earnings, as well as monies for medical expenses, and was successful.

“After getting the immediate needs taken care of, we then helped Murray and his family prepare for long term needs,” explains Strom. “We retained architects to help determine the cost of renovating his current home, in an effort to accommodate his wheelchair.”

Finding the cost of a new, wheelchair-accessible home was less than renovating, Strom and his team, through strategic litigation, were able to secure the Murray’s a new home and van customized to accommodate Murray’s injury. Additionally, Murray receives weekly compensation checks and has open medical care for life.

“It is really important for injured workers to consider the full value of their service to the company. In this case, Murray worked a notable amount of overtime that, originally, was not factored into his weekly compensation check,” says Strom. “He and his family relied on those wages to live and were correct in their expectation that his compensation reflect his overtime service.”

ABOUT STROM & ASSOCIATES The Chicago law firm of Strom & Associates represents individuals injured in a work environment who are seeking to enforce their rights under workers’ compensation laws. The firm also represents the victims of personal injury. The law firm combines over 50 years of experience working in personal injury and workers’ compensation. For more information, visit www.stromandassociates.com.

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