Strom Yen Helps Injured Worker Collect Lifetime Award

CHICAGO – Neal Strom of Strom Yen Injury Attorneys recently tried a case involving injured worker Steve Benyon, where the award included a ‘wage differential’. Unique in its application, a wage differential is a life-time award that compensates for wages lost as a result of a debilitating injury.

On April 18, 2000, Benyon injured his right wrist while working as a mechanic at BMW. After the accident, he no longer had the ability to complete the skills required for his position and had to settle for a lower paying job. In addition to the less challenging work, Benyon was frustrated with his sincere desire to, “just have his hands back.”

Neal Strom illustrated the current state of Benyon’s injury, which was formally described in court documents as permanently disabling him for ever returning to life as he knew it.

“Mr. Benyon’s accident occurred through no fault of his own, and he deserves a chance to move forward with his job career. Throughout my years as a workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer, I have tried to help injured workers like Benyon, so they can continue to be productive for themselves and their families, despite their injuries.”

The settlement could not return the full use of Benyon’s hands, but it did grant him the wage he would have earned had he not been injured.

Strom said he was glad to have been able to highlight this uncommon statute during the trial, “my main concern was for Benyon and his family, and his settlement is going to see to it that he continues to earn the wages he deserves.”

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