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Strom & Associates Helps Injured Worker Secure Accessible Home Medical Care and Lost Compensation for Life

CHICAGO – Jerzy Wazydrag and his family’s lives changed forever on June 12, 2001, when Jerzy was permanently injured at his Glen’s Truck and Body jobsite as the result of a 20-foot fall from a warehouse roof.

Wazydrag was volunteering to help his employer move an air conditioner from the roof of the warehouse. His employer lifted him toward the roof in a make-shift bucket and hoist that tipped and dropped Wazydrag to the ground head-first.

The fall resulted in a fractured leg and severe, permanent brain trauma that left Wazydrag incapable of speaking or writing. He is confined to a wheelchair for life.

“This is a case where, really, there is no compensation great enough to give Jerzy back his life, or to give him back to his wife and three children,” says Strom. “We can however help the family begin to recover and make it easy for Jerzy to obtain reliable healthcare and a maximum standard of living, given the situation.”

Strom & Associates did just that by securing Wazydrag and his family a weekly compensation payment that will undoubtedly last for life. Strom & Associates also contacted a company that specializes in creative living solutions to enhance the Wazydrag home, giving it full wheelchair access.

“Given my experience, I believe it is very likely, because of Jersy’s future needs that the family will relocate to a new home at the cost of the workers ’ compensation insurance company,” explains Strom.

Additionally Strom & Associates designed a lifetime medical care plan, with the help of a strategic partner specializing in life-care practices that provides Wazydrag with 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week nursing and medical care for life.

Strom says cases like these make his job success bittersweet, “Helping this man and his family is more than just ordinary medical care, it’s about helping them redesign their lives to accommodate the injury. It’s just as important as finding the right doctor or medicine, because no family in a tragic situation like this should also have to worry about how to take financial care of their loved one.”

Strom and Associates goes beyond just plain legal advice, offering clients a large resource center designed to provide solutions for adjustment to everyday life during and after a workplace injury.

ABOUT STROM & ASSOCIATES The Chicago law firm of Strom & Associates represents individuals injured in a work environment who are seeking to enforce their rights under workers’ compensation laws. The firm also represents the victims of personal injury. The law firm combines over 50 years of experience working in personal injury and workers’ compensation. For more information, visit www.stromandassociates.com.

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