Strom Yen Helps Partially Disabled Worker Return to Light Duty Work with Full Medical Care

CHICAGO – Lenilo Flores, 54, a right-hand-dominant bailer operator, was severely injured when he caught his right hand in a shredding machine at his place of employment, AGI Klearfold. His injures ultimately resulted in a 40 percent loss of use in his right hand.

“In some cases, it’s necessary to have a hearing on a case to protect the injured worker’s job and his right to medical care as a result of a partially-debilitating injury,” explains Neal Strom of Strom Yen Injury Attorneys. “This was necessary in Mr. Flores’ case, since after receiving treatment, he was able to go back to light-duty work at his place of employment. We wanted to make sure he was able to do that without risking the loss of his job.”

Flores was hospitalized and treated by one of the best hand surgeons in Chicago, since workers’ compensation laws protect his right to obtain medical care at a facility of his choice. He remained hospitalized throughout his recovery and was released needing extended physical therapy.

“Just because an injured worker can go back to work does not mean his employer or workers’ compensation responsibilities end,” says Strom. “Mr. Flores was entitled to medical care and the protection of his livelihood.”

Flores returned to work light-duty with the help of Strom Yen Injury Attorneys, who also helped secure payments for medical care as long as is necessary.

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