Strom Yen Injury Attorneys Receives Agreement in Favor of Injured Worker Dropped By Worker’s Compensation Insurance

CHICAGO – Rafael Esparza, a 25-year-old extruder operator, lost total use of his left arm after having it caught in an extruder at Viking Material in Chicago. After several operations, Esparza’s arm was saved but he never regained its full use. Upon returning to work, he quickly realized he was unable to perform his duties to the best of his abilities.

When he returned, the company’s workers’ compensation insurance suspended his temporary compensation, despite an obvious need for ongoing physical and mental therapy. Esparza engaged Neal Strom of Strom Yen Injury Attorneys to dispute the suspension of his benefits, despite the fact that he did return to work.

“We quickly took the deposition of his pain doctor and psychiatrist to establish that not only did he have severe and chronic physical injuries, but post-traumatic stress as well,” explains Strom. “Even though he was able to work does not mean he was miraculously cured. Workers’ compensation should not suspend his right to medical care.”

Strom’s argument was successful and Esparza was granted compensation, medical care and psychiatric services authorized and paid for by workers’ compensation insurance. Additionally, because of its wide-range of resources, Strom Yen Injury Attorneys was able to secure Esparza a vocational counselor to assist him in searching for a profession that, despite his injury, would provide him with a decent wage, medical insurance and accommodations for his injury.

“In the end, it’s about not letting red tape deny a worker his or her rights. No one should have to choose between working or being in pain,” says Strom. “Mr. Esparza deserves a chance to recover from his injuries in every way available to him, whether he can physically work in the meantime or not.”

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