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Strom & Associates Successfully Disputes False Allegation and Secures Pension and Medical Care for Injury Worker

CHICAGO – Juan Romo, a 37-year-old scrap yard worker sustained severe and permanent injuries while working at Midwest Motors. He has become wheel-chair bound as a result of injuries to his back and torso.

Romo was crushed by an end loader while walking in the scrap yard; he was pinned between the car, the loader and a 75-foot pile of crushed scrap metal. The workers’ compensation insurance company and Midwest Motors alleged Romo was in the car being moved by the end loader stealing auto parts at the time of the accident.

Strom and Associates was able to prove that Romo was, in fact, not stealing at the time of the accident and the injury occurred while he worked for Midwest Motors. “This was a severe injury as Mr. Romo is now paraplegic,” says Strom. “He was not involved in any illegal activities and was at work when the accident occurred so he has a right to compensation for his injuries.”

Now confined to a wheelchair, Romo needs a vehicle and a home designed to accommodate his injuries. With the help of Strom and Associates, Romo was awarded a pension for life, medical care at the cost of his employer and is currently in the process of purchasing a wheelchair accessible van or car through workers’ compensation.

Strom also hopes to help Romo secure a new home at his employer’s expense.

ABOUT STROM & ASSOCIATES The Chicago law firm of Strom & Associates represents individuals injured in a work environment who are seeking to enforce their rights under workers’ compensation laws. The firm also represents the victims of personal injury. The law firm combines over 50 years of experience working in personal injury and workers’ compensation. For more information, visit www.stromandassociates.com.

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