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How Even Safe Streets Can Turn Deadly

Posted On June 20, 2016

Neighborhoods lull drivers into a sense of safety. Tree lined streets and beautifully trimmed lawns present an image of tranquility and peace that mask a number of inherent dangers. Each year, this sense of safety causes drivers to relax and lose focus as they near home. As a result, this false sense of security injures or kill thousands of motorists as they approach their home.

Last week, 35-year-old Salvatore DiMucci from Barrington Hills died when his vehicle left the road and struck a tree as he drove down Goose Lake Road near his home. DiMucci’s passengers were Caleb Hanie and Joey LaRocque, both former members of the Chicago Bears. Hanie and LaRocque suffered severe injuries in the crash.

“When a car travels through a residential zone at the posted speed limit of 30 MPH, the vehicle is traveling at 45 feet per second. This makes it easy to lose control of the vehicle and leave the road. Striking solid objects at even low speeds can cause serious injuries including whiplash, lacerations from deployed airbags, concussions, etc.,” remarkedChicago auto accident lawyer Neal B. Strom.

Drivers traveling through residential areas must adhere to posted speed limits and safety warnings. When they don’t, it increases the likelihood that the vehicle will leave the road and strike trees, retaining walls, or parked vehicles. Collisions with these will bring the vehicle to a complete stop in milliseconds. Even with safety features such as advanced crash zones and airbags, this causes severe trauma to the body that can lead to disabling injuries or death.

“DiMucci’s vehicle was a 2015 Mercedes-Benz equipped with safety features and crash avoidance technology. These didn’t prevent the accident, and while they mitigated the injuries suffered by the passengers, they didn’t protect the driver. The excessive speed at which DiMucci was driving, coupled with the impact into a solid, immovable object proved to be a fatal combination,” lamented Chicago auto accident attorney Neal B. Strom.

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