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3 dangers facing electrical power line-men

Power company worker wearing a hardhat is repairing electrical wires from a utility bucket truck.

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Electrical line-men in Illinois are responsible for repairing and installing power lines. Although their job is crucial to the functionality and comfort of homes and businesses, these workers face many dangers on a daily basis that threaten their lives and often prompt them to turn to a team of Chicago workers compensation attorneys.

  1. Heat exhaustion

When electrical line-men work on power lines, they are required to wear many different types of equipment to keep themselves safe. For example, these workers must wear thick rubber gloves to protect their hands from the electrical current, additional leather protection gloves, a hard hat, protective goggles, thick rubber sleeves and specially designed boots with spikes and a rubber coating. Electrical line-men also have to wear a tool belt filled with metal tools that can weigh a significant amount.

Often, line-men work on electrical lines for extended, consecutive hours so that their customers do not go without power. Since they are required to wear so much equipment, they often suffer from heat exhaustion when the temperatures outside rise.

  1. Falls

Because electrical line-men perform their work at elevated heights, they are constantly at risk of falling and seriously injuring themselves. Although these workers are required to use safety equipment, like ropes and harnesses, this serious injury risk still remains because these safeguards can malfunction.

For example, an electrical lineman may incur serious injuries if a fire is caused, the electrical bucket he is standing in catches power and he has to jump several feet to safety. Or, an electrical lineman may need to work with a team of Chicago workers compensation attorneys after a piece on his harness breaks and he is no longer secured to the pole near the electrical line he is working on.

  1. Electrocution

Before electrical line-men are allowed to work on a power line, the line must be de-energized and certain protective measures must be implemented to prevent burns and other debilitating worksite injuries. Certain precautions must also be taken to prevent the workers from directly contacting the power lines with any part of their body. However, bad weather, failing to take proper precautions or unexpected safety hazards can cause electrical line-men to accidently come into contact with a live power line.

Electrical line-men who experience any of these dangers while performing their duties may incur injuries that harm their ability to work in the future. Workers who suffer from injuries as a result of a workplace accident should consider contacting a team of Chicago workers compensation attorneys for assistance obtaining fair and proper compensation.

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