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If you have been injured in a car accident, it's important to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer before you accept a settlement offer. Your lawyer will calculate your economic and non-economic damages to determine the approximate value of your case. Your car accident attorney will take into account all of your medical expenses, lost income, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering to estimate what a fair settlement will be. 
Work-related injuries and illnesses occur every day in all types of occupations. Injuries may be caused by accidents, exposure to dangerous work conditions, and even intentional harm by angry co-workers on the job. Whether you’re a healthcare worker, you're employed in the construction and building trade, an industrial factory or warehouse, a transportation job, or a service industry like a hotel, restaurant, or retail store, you can become the victim of a work-related injury.
Before you hire a workers' compensation attorney, make sure there is a mutual understanding and that the attorney and his or her employees treat you with respect by being courteous, polite, accommodating, and proactive. Workers' comp cases can be lengthy and stressful when you're waiting to find out if your claim was approved or denied by IWCC.
If you have a family member in a nursing home, it's essential to have power of attorney (POA) documents in place, especially if the family member has Alzheimer's or dementia. If your loved one loses his or her ability to communicate about nursing home problems such as mistreatment or neglect, you must be prepared to step in on your loved one's behalf. Having power of attorney allows you to file a nursing home neglect lawsuit in court.
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