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Category: Workers’ Compensation

Construction sites can be dangerous environments where heavy machinery and equipment play a pivotal role in completing projects efficiently. While these machines greatly enhance productivity, they also pose significant risks to the workers involved. Heavy equipment injuries can result in severe consequences, such as serious injuries, disabilities, and even fatalities. If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may be wondering who you can prove liability and receive compensation for your injuries.
The calculation of a workers' compensation settlement for a herniated disc injury can be complex, and may require the input of medical professionals, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and other experts. An Illinois workers' compensation attorney can help answer question such as: “does workers' comp apply before and after work?” A workers’ comp attorney can also ensure your rights are protected and that you receive a fair settlement.
Repetitive strain injuries are the outcome of easy actions that are performed frequently, every day, for a long time. The cumulative consequences of repeated activity can significantly negatively impact an employee's health and capacity to perform their job, even when the movement is not difficult or physically taxing. 
Following a construction accident, you may want to file a workers' compensation claim or a civil suit, depending on the nature of your case. If a case isn't complex and involves a straightforward process, you may not need help with navigating claims, but these cases often come with a lot of hassle and require specific steps. If you're unfamiliar with the process of filing claims or lawsuits, you may be unclear about what to do and how to secure the compensation you deserve.
Work-related injuries and illnesses occur every day in all types of occupations. Injuries may be caused by accidents, exposure to dangerous work conditions, and even intentional harm by angry co-workers on the job. Whether you’re a healthcare worker, you're employed in the construction and building trade, an industrial factory or warehouse, a transportation job, or a service industry like a hotel, restaurant, or retail store, you can become the victim of a work-related injury.
Before you hire a workers' compensation attorney, make sure there is a mutual understanding and that the attorney and his or her employees treat you with respect by being courteous, polite, accommodating, and proactive. Workers' comp cases can be lengthy and stressful when you're waiting to find out if your claim was approved or denied by IWCC.
Back injuries account for the largest percentage of work-related injuries in the U.S. They are also among the most severe workplace injuries in the nation. They usually cause the injured workers to experience mild, piercing, or persistent pain. They can result in temporary impairments, such as the inability to stand or walk. Furthermore, they can also leave the injured workers permanently disabled.