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Beware of Black Wednesday 2020

Beware of Black Wednesday 2020

A record number of car accidents on the eve of Thanksgiving can be directly linked to impaired driving. Noted as one of the most popular drinking nights of the year, it has been dubbed Black Wednesday. Responsible drinking behaviors may fall by the wayside around this time of year as a direct result of marketing and holiday blues. However, there are safety behaviors authorities and partygoers can enforce to prevent accidents.

Increased Marketing by Liquor Vendors 

Thanksgiving is generally regarded for reconnecting with family and friends, but bars, clubs, and liquor stores tend to market more heavily during the holidays.  Many in the liquor business consider Black Wednesday parallel to Black Friday, as some of the year’s biggest sales to customers occur during this time. Clubs and bars are often keen to offer discounts and happy hours throughout the night. 

Increased Patrols 

Authorities consider this night as the flag off for a holiday DUI season that continues through New Years’ celebrations. Increased police patrols help to enforce safer driving behaviors in lieu of arrests and DUI charges. Drunk drivers that outmaneuver sobriety checkpoints run the risk of causing DUI and DWI car crashes.

Increased Risk of Death and Injury 

There are key safety recommendations for consumers to keep in mind when the Black Wednesday party spirit takes over

  • Choosing a designated driver before going to the party 
  • Using public transport 
  • Calling a sober friend to act as a designated driver 
  • Buckling up when driving or riding in a car after a night of fun 

Data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2017 reveals that 1 in 3 fatal car crashes on Thanksgiving weekend resulted from alcohol impairment. Surveys show that on Black Wednesday, alcohol violations are 37% higher than on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. 

In the Black Wednesday road carnage, victims may die or sustain personal injuries to the brain or spinal cord, fractures, and internal bleeding. Emergency rooms often get overwhelmed with an influx of patients on this night. A car accident lawyer can help determine fair compensation for those that suffer as a result of DUI crashes on Black Wednesday, including compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of ability to enjoy life, or loss of life.

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