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Category: Workers’ Compensation

Workers and employers need to be aware of the top 10 safety violations that were reported by OSHA in 2018 so they can take steps to improve safety at their workplaces. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues an average of 40,000 violations to companies every year. The agency is tasked with enforcing safety regulations that are aimed at increasing workplace safety and reducing accidents.
Special work injury benefits programs may be available for federal employees, those employed in state and local government positions, railroad workers, seamen, longshoremen, and people engaged in maritime activities. When injured, the employee must determine what regulations apply to his injury and then file a claim with the appropriate program.
Workers in the sanitation industry who ride refuse collection trucks or operate compaction equipment have a higher risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries. Exposure to hazardous substances, equipment malfunctions, and falling off of equipment, becoming entrapped, or getting run over are serious threats in this profession.
Increased silica exposure is causing a surge in the number of coal miners contracting pneumoconiosis, commonly known as black lung disease. Today’s miners are now at a higher risk of developing this condition in a shorter time period than their predecessors.
Workers refuse to wear PPE because of lack of training, lack of availability, its appearance or because it is uncomfortable to wear. Even when mandated by OSHA, there are high levels of non-compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) in workplaces.