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Category: Workers’ Compensation

In 2016, out of 4,693 job fatalities in the private sector, 991 deaths occurred in the construction industry and over half of these deaths can be attributed to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the “Fatal Four.” With proper training and equipment, the deadliest causes of injuries to construction workers could be eliminated saving 631 lives each year.
Many eye injuries can be avoided through improved safety awareness and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). About 2,000 job-related eye injuries occur each day in the United States. At least five percent of these injuries cause workers to miss one or more days from work.
When used correctly, respirators are an effective way to protect workers in certain types of work environments where air quality is compromised. However, when workers use the wrong type of respirator, or do no use one correctly, they are at greater risk for long-term illnesses because of their exposure to dangerous contaminants.
Assault should not be just part of the job for any employee, but healthcare providers are routinely assaulted, getting punched, scratched, kicked and even stabbed by patients, co-workers, visitors and others. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers need to be aware of their rights as they head to the workplace, including the right to work safely without fear of assault.
Each year, hazardous noise causes about 22 million workers in America to suffer a hearing loss on the job, and that hearing loss can affect everything from the quality of life to income potential and the ability to work. Understanding the far-reaching implications of permanent, irreversible hearing loss is critical for workers to protect their health and mental well-being.
Dangerous workplace walkways can cause slip, trip, or fall accidents that leave workers severely injured and unable to work. Walkways without proper slip resistance and safety guardrails account for the highest slip and fall incident rates for construction and industrial workers.
The size and power of earthmoving equipment used in construction mean that accidents involving these pieces of equipment are almost always fatal. Construction workers need to understand this risk in order to protect themselves on the job site. Families of construction workers need to understand their rights if they lose a loved one due to an earth moving equipment accident.