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Category: Workers’ Compensation

Illinois workers’ compensation provides vocational rehabilitation for seriously injured workers who can't return to their previous jobs. Designed to limit an injured worker's loss of earning capacity, services may include job search counseling, assisting with a job search program, and retraining and education at an accredited learning institution.
Workers and employers need to be aware of the top 10 safety violations that were reported by OSHA in 2018 so they can take steps to improve safety at their workplaces. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues an average of 40,000 violations to companies every year. The agency is tasked with enforcing safety regulations that are aimed at increasing workplace safety and reducing accidents.
Line workers face increased risks because there is a shortage in the number of people who perform this type of work. Because of the shortage, line workers may be expected to work longer hours and to do more. Additionally, there aren't enough experienced line workers to supervise people who are less experienced.
People in Illinois who experience debilitating stress because of their jobs might be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Workers may experience many different types of pressures from their jobs that can cause psychological and physical problems.
Some of the worst workplace accidents in history demonstrate how workers pay when employers are negligent. Federal laws require that employers maintain a safe workplace in accordance with OSHA safety standards for each industry. When employers fail in this duty or fail to make sure that safety procedures are followed, disaster can strike.