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Top 5 Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries and How Workers Can Protect Themselves

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Despite improved safety precautions, workplace injuries are on the rise, costing companies billions of dollars in workers’ compensation each year and putting thousands of employees out of work, many for extended periods of time. This puts a strain on workers’ finances, and it can also be potentially decimating for a business, resulting in cutbacks and permanent loss of jobs.

To help reduce the number and cost of workplace accidents in the future, here are the top five most common accidents in the workplace and how workers can avoid them.

1. Overexertion

This is most often the result of lifting and moving heavy objects and accounts for 25.3 percent of workplace injuries. This adds up to over $15 billion in workers’ comp claims. The best prevention of this type of injury is for workers to know when they need to ask for help and not to be afraid to ask.

2. Falls on Same Level

Slips and falls are the second most common at 15.4 percent, costing nearly $9.2 billion. Proper footwear with non-slip bottoms can help to prevent many slip and fall accidents. So can careful maintenance of floor conditions, mopping up spills and sweeping away debris.

3. Struck by Object or Equipment

Being hit by machinery or debris comes in at number three. This type of injury makes up 8.9 percent of injuries in the workplace and costs $5.3 billion annually. This is a difficult type of injury to prevent, often occurring by surprise. The best way to protect against these injuries is to wear head protection and remain alert at all times.

4. Falls to Lower Level

Falling from a high level to a lower one is the fourth most common accident at 8.6 percent. This amounts to more than 45.1 billion in annual workers’ comp claims. To prevent this type of accident, workers should take extra care around exposed ledges and scaffolding, particularly those without guardrails.

5. Other Exertions

These injuries come from regular activities, like standing, twisting and reaching. They account for 7.2 percent of workplace injuries and cost nearly $4.3 billion annually. To prevent these types of injuries, workers should aim to maintain their physical health through regular exercise and always pay attention to the task at hand.

Workers who have been involved in a workplace accident should be advised to contact a Chicago work injury lawyer. An experienced Chicago work injury lawyer can help them obtain appropriate compensation for their injuries.

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