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How much Illinois workers’ compensation am I entitled to?

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According to the latest figures compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 154,000 Americans are hurt at work every year. Office workers, medical professionals, construction workers, law enforcement officers, and other employees all face distinctive injury risks.

Compensation for injured workers

Workers suffering from a job-related injury are entitled to four different levels of compensation by Illinois law. The amount of compensation depends on the permanence and severity of the injury.

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How much Illinois workers’ compensation am I entitled to

Level 1: Temporary partial disability

Some employees can still do light duty after they have been injured on the job. They may need to transfer to easier tasks or part-time employment while they recover. In these cases, Illinois law provides temporary partial disability. This benefit consists of two-thirds of the difference between the former wage and the current wage. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago knows that this short-term arrangement is common after minor injuries such as strains and sprains.

Level 2: Temporary total disability

In many cases, an employee must miss several days, weeks, or even months of work after an accident. When a person is unable to report to work, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission provides temporary total disability, consisting of two-thirds of the normal weekly wage. Many workers with broken limbs and other temporarily disabling conditions receive TTD assistance.

Level 3: Permanent partial disability

Some work injuries are more serious, including mutilation and amputation. According to the Bureau of Labor Standards, more than 500 Illinois workers suffer amputation on the job every year. Permanent partial disability is paid in the following cases:

  • The worker has lost some or all of a body part
  • The worker has lost the use of a body part
  • The worker has lost the use of a sense, such as a sight or hearing

PPD benefits cover two-thirds of the permanent decrease in wages caused by these losses, as a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago is aware.

Level 4: Permanent total disability

In the most severe cases, workers may be permanently and totally disabled. PTD benefits apply to workers who have lost the use of more than one limb or the total use of their body. These benefits add up to two-thirds of average former wages. They are awarded for life.

Illinois workers’ compensation benefits cover a range of injuries, from sprained ankles to major amputations. People who have been hurt on the job may find it helpful to call a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago to speak about their case.

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