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Mental and Behavioral Health Issues Are Putting Women Workers at Risk

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Mental and behavioral health issues are causing more women to get hurt on the job. As many as 60 percents of workplace injuries to women are connected to depression, anxiety, and fatigue. For employers and employees alike, understanding this risk is critical to keeping the workplace safe.

The Role Of Mental Health In Workplace Safety

In a recent study, the University of Colorado found that close to 60 percent of women who suffered workplace injuries also admitted that they had suffered from mental or behavioral health conditions prior to their accidents. For men, the rate was just 33 percent, perhaps because men are less willing to admit to having mental health concerns compared to women. The study’s findings show that preventing workplace accidents requires more than a focus on workplace safety. It requires a greater focus on overall health and wellness, including mental health.

To avoid workplace injuries, attorneys suggest that employers and workers should be alert to the dangers of working with mental or behavioral health conditions and take measures to minimize their effects. With a healthier mindset, the risk of serious injuries is reduced and workers will enjoy a much better overall work environment.

How Employers May Make The Problem Worse

Employers may be contributing to the connection between mental health concerns and injuries to women. Workplace injuries are more likely to occur when the company is facing deadlines or putting workers under extreme stress. Ongoing stress leads to fatigue and depression, which can increase the risk of workplace injuries. Some Illinois workers’ comp attorneys believe that companies that are struggling to meet earnings benchmarks may have more workplace injuries as they increase the stress and mental health toll on their workers.

Employers who make an effort to focus on behavioral and mental health in addition to workplace safety may find that their workers experience fewer accidents on the job. Employees who are working with a work injury attorney will need to evaluate whether or not behavioral or mental health played a role in their injuries, and what responsibility their employers had in the health concern.

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