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How to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

Doctor mistreating senior woman in nursing home

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Illinois residents can take steps to prevent their loved ones from suffering from abuse in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse is a pervasive problem. By taking precautionary steps, families can help to prevent their loved ones from being the victims of nursing home abuse and can also recognize the signs of abuse so that they can end it quickly. A nursing home abuse lawyer may help families to end any abuse that is occurring and to recover damages to compensate them for their related losses.

Prevention Is Key

Deciding that it is time for a loved one to move to a nursing home can be a difficult and emotional decision. Families who have decided to place a loved one in a nursing home will want to make certain that they thoroughly research the facilities that they are considering. After a facility is chosen, families should take the time to build relationships with the staff and other residents. They should also try to visit at different times and on different shifts so that they get clearer views of the type of care their loved ones are receiving.

If they notice anything that they find to be important, they should write their observations down, including the date, time, location in the facility, the staff or residents involved, and exactly what happened. Family members should also make certain to attend the care meetings and actively participate in them. If they have concerns, they need to bring them up and demand that corrective action is taken according to a strict time schedule. Family members should know what to look for and should be familiar with the signs of abuse that are occurring.

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Signs of Abuse

Family members should make notes of their loved ones’ appearances. If they notice unexplained scratches or bruises, they should take pictures with their cell phones, note the date, and demand explanations. Other signs of abuse include such things as extreme drowsiness caused by overmedication or cracked lips caused by dehydration. Unexplained drops in weight and listlessness are other signs that abuse may be occurring. Families should be aware that their loved ones may be afraid to admit that they are being abused and not fail to follow up on what is happening because their loved one denies it.

A nursing home abuse lawyer may help investigate abuse concerns by families. It is important for family members to report suspected abuse to the authorities.

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