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Winter weather creates higher injury risks for delivery drivers

Winter weather anomalies

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This winter has been brutal for Illinois residents. Record-setting low temperatures, along with plenty of ice and snow, have made life difficult for people who need to get to work day after day. Wintry weather is especially hazardous for delivery drivers whose job involves spending many hours on the road. When the mercury drops below freezing, they are more likely to suffer a serious injury.

Delivery drivers under pressure

Delivery drivers are busy during every season of the year, especially during the winter holiday season. They do not have the luxury of staying in a safe and warm home on snow days. The demand for goods and documents does not go away when the weather turns bad. Drivers are often under increased pressure to get the job done, even when there is a coating of snow and ice on the road and temperatures are dangerously low. A workers’ comp attorney in Illinois knows that some drivers may hurt themselves or others by ignoring the dangers of the road during winter.

Winter dangers on the road

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 6,292 Illinois drivers and motor vehicle occupants have died in crashes in the last decade. Many of these people were commercial drivers on the job. CDC statistics show that injury rates climb sharply during wintry road conditions. The hazards of winter driving include all of the following:

  • Becoming stranded in sub-freezing conditions
  • Losing control of the vehicle due to skidding
  • Low visibility due to windshield icing
  • Running out of fuel during long traffic delays
  • Delayed braking and impaired steering ability

These hazards can lead to serious crashes, causing injuries and fatalities among delivery drivers.

Staying safer during winter

Winter does not have to be a deadly season for delivery professionals. Drivers cannot eliminate the risks of snow and ice, but they can stay safer by preparing for them. Proper safety measures on the road include thorough vehicle checks, good knowledge of current weather conditions and correct driving practices including proper distance from other vehicles.

Building an emergency kit

Road safety also calls for a winter emergency kit. The emergency kit must be stored in the car at all times, as a workers’ comp attorney in Illinois is aware. It should include items such as flares, blankets, food, flashlights and a fully charged phone.

Winter driving is a safety challenge for professional delivery drivers. If people have been injured in a collision on the job, it may be a good idea for them to speak with a workers’ comp attorney in Illinois.

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