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Category: Car Accidents

Since Uber officially launched in 2012, the company has received hundreds of complaints from passengers reporting Uber drivers high on drugs.
Uber carries a $1 million insurance policy to cover ride-share accidents and injuries for drivers, passengers, and third parties, but restrictions apply. Uber, a major ride-share company in the United States, is heavily insured with a $1 million policy for accident liability.
According to company regulations, Uber does not tolerate the use of alcohol or drugs by drivers using the Uber app. However, passenger lawsuits alleging drunk driving by Uber drivers raise questions about the enforcement of Uber regulations.
Potholes are a serious problem for drivers in Chicago, causing damage to vehicles and raising the risk of traffic accidents that can lead to serious injury or death. Following periods of heavy snow and freezing temperatures, potholes develop into a bigger problem in the Chicagoland area, making it important for drivers to be aware of them and the risks they pose.