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Naperville woman charged in 4-vehicle collision

Woman Drinking Alcohol in Car

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On behalf of Strom & Associates, Ltd. posted in Drunk Driving Accidents on Monday, October 27, 2014.

Naperville law enforcement reported that a woman was charged with allegedly causing a four-vehicle accident in Naperville on Oct. 16. According to police, the woman was driving while intoxicated and speeding when the collision occurred close to Nequa Valley High School.

The 43-year-old Naperville woman allegedly failed to slow down and was driving too fast to avoid a collision. According to reports, at least one person was injured in the resulting crash. The injured person reportedly had to be extricated from a small Honda following the multi-car accident. The accident reportedly happened in the westbound lanes of 95th Street around 11:18 p.m.

The extricated driver was transported by responding emergency personnel to a hospital for treatment via ambulance. The seriousness of the man’s injuries are currently unknown, but police report that he struck his head on the windshield during the accident. Other vehicles involved in addition to the Honda included a white car, a Lexus SUV and a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid vehicle. It is unclear which vehicle was being driven by the charged woman. The investigation into the accident is continuing.

Each year, many people are seriously injured by drunk drivers in a motor vehicle accident and suffer economic and noneconomic damages as a result. Drivers who negligently cause injury to other people may be civilly liable in addition to any criminal penalties they face. Victims may be able to recover costs associated with medical treatment, property losses, counseling expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, among others.

Additionally, in especially bad cases, punitive damages may be available to injured people. Victims of drunk drivers may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney who takes motor vehicle accident cases. An attorney may be able to advise their clients about claims available to them.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Naperville Woman Charged With Drunk Driving In Four-Vehicle Crash“, October 20, 2014

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