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Crushing Injuries Can Kill a Career

Workers who experience crushing injuries are often permanently disabled. Heavy machinery and lax safety standards are a dangerous combination that can end a career in mere moments. Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers are well aware of the permanent damage crushing injuries can have.

Contractors, Third Parties Held Liable for Work Injuries

Other legal options may exist for workers injured on the job. Workers’ compensation is not the only option when an accident occurs at work.
It is common for injured workers to mistakenly believe that workers’ compensation is the only option when an accident occurs on the job.

Proposed Law Would Ban Anonymous Nursing Home Complaints

A new law was proposed by an Illinois lawmaker that would prohibit anonymous parties from reporting nursing home abuse or neglect. Supported by nursing home lobbying groups, proponents suggest that the law would cut down on false complaints.

Illinois Doctors Skirt Workplace Injury Laws Aimed at Reducing the Cost of Drugs

Even with new laws in place designed to reduce the cost of physician-dispensed prescriptions, drug costs are rising in Illinois. A recent study shows that many doctors have found a way around these reforms, which allows them to charge higher prices for new strengths and formulations of drugs often prescribed to injured workers.

Computer Use Leads To Increase In Workplace Injuries

In the early 21st century, a troubling trend emerged in the American workplace. Years spent working at a computer led to permanent and debilitating damage to the back, neck, shoulders, and arms of workers. The result was an explosion of carpal tunnel claims and nerve/tendon surgery.

Food Poisoning Cases on the Rise

Food poisoning, or food-borne illness is on the rise around the world. Most people have experienced food-borne illness in some way, however, severe cases can lead to long-term illness and even death. According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are getting sick from their food each year.

Increase in Construction Injuries Related to Building Boom

The residential building boom in big cities, such as Chicago is good news for both the construction industry and economy. However, with this upswing has come an increase of fatalities and injuries among construction workers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, deaths from injuries on construction sites increased by 5 percent during 2014 to 874 deaths.

Improved Protocols are Key to Reducing Nursing Injuries

Nursing is among the most noble, and yet most dangerous professions. Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 35,000 nurses are injured while caring for patients. Injuries range from back injuries to needle sticks. These injuries impact their ability to perform their jobs and care for the patients they are responsible for.

Don’t Delay Mesothelioma Diagnosis or Treatment

Asbestos was used in construction and manufacturing from 1940 to 1978 and it is estimated that between 2 to 10% of people who were exposed to it will develop mesothelioma. Nationally, it’s estimated that up to 11 million people were exposed to the naturally occurring mineral fibers which were used primarily in insulation products.