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Does Workers Comp Apply Before and After Work?

Under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, certain injuries that occur “off-the-clock” are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, as long as there is a direct link between work and the injury.

Workers Aren’t Wearing PPE. Here’s Why

Workers refuse to wear PPE because of lack of training, lack of availability, its appearance or because it is uncomfortable to wear. Even when mandated by OSHA, there are high levels of non-compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) in workplaces.

Mental and Behavioral Health Issues Are Putting Women Workers at Risk

Mental and behavioral health issues are causing more women to get hurt on the job. As many as 60 percents of workplace injuries to women are connected to depression, anxiety, and fatigue. For employers and employees alike, understanding this risk is critical to keeping the workplace safe.

The Dangers Faced by Roadside Workers

Illinois roadway workers are exposed to hazardous workplace conditions that put them at high risk of serious injury and death. There are various occupations that require work near busy roadways and freeways, exposing thousands of workers to serious dangers.