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What Happens to Medical Bills When Workers’ Comp Is Denied?

If workers’ comp refuses to cover your medical bills, you will need to file an application for adjustment of claim with your state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). This application is what formally files your workers’ compensation claim with the commission.

Worker’s Compensation

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How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages?

The amount of lost wages that you will receive from workers’ comp varies with the nature and extent of your injury, your income, and your work limitations. In Illinois, wage loss benefits under workers’ comp fall into four main categories.

What Not to Say to the Workers’ Comp Adjuster

Injured workers filing a workers’ compensation claim should avoid revealing personal financial information, agreeing to be recorded, and signing documents. Instead, they should stick to the basic facts surrounding the accident or injury.

Rooftop Workers At Risk

Working on a rooftop poses serious injury and fatality risks for workers who can fall through skylights, roof and floor openings, and guardrails.